"It's more than just a book. It's a completely new perspective on sex."

"People who has read this book will enjoy for all their life a new vision on sex and life itself."

"Monarchy in the UK endangered like Panda after mind-blowing book demolishes last taboos."

Brandy Smile at Buckingham Palace

After Brandy read what would become the most important book in her life, she suddenly felt that something had to be done to make the word a better place - which means a more pleasantly and madly surreal one. Therefore she decided to take action, and went in front of Buckingham Palace.

Brandy Smile at Buckingham Palace

Brandy trying to change the entire world and the fabric of reality itself, in her own way.

Brandy Smile at Buckingham Palace


Brandy Smile at Buckingham Palace

Yes, she can!

Brandy Smile

Brandy posing with her most beloved book. Not every book is allowed to get even near to her most strategic spot.
A great honour for a great book.

Brandy Smile reading

And this is to prove that she can actually read! Before getting into this book she had been a shy woman on the way to remaining forever an ordinary frustrated housewife addicted to TV. Look how reading this book has changed her in just a few hours!


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