"It's more than just a book. It's a completely new perspective on sex."

"People who has read this book will enjoy for all their life a new vision of sex and life itself."

"Unbelievable! A copy of this book has been found even in the dungeon of Warwick Castle!"


Yasmine Gold in the Warwick Castle

From the roof of Warwick Castle in England, this XIX century virgin is eager to show us her Beloved Book, which she received through a time machine from our present back in her Victorian time, and which she then used as a time-travel trojan horse to peek into our epoch so that we could take the necessary pictures here.

Yasmine Gold in the Warwick Castle

Virgin Yasmine, walking on the castle's battlements with perfect balance. She apparently wears only an elegant and extremely rare Armani-Versace T-shirt, which very few people in the world have been allowed to use on their bodies. Historians confirm that even Armani and Versace had not been able to enjoy this privilege.toricians confirm that even Armani and Versace had not been able to enjoy this privilege.

Framed in this typical Edwardian picture, this house party in the drawing room of Warwick Castle is a classic example of ordinary daily life in an aristocratic family of the early XX century in England. The display of a naked virgin in the living room was very common for reasons of paradoxal puritanism. The highest virtue of decent people could be proven only if temptation for sinning was always present, and they would be strong enough to ignore it. To be more tempting according to a higher set of criteria, the virgin was usually strongly enhaced in her spiritual profile by the forceful reading of an amazing book shipped from the future through a rudimentary time machine, which would transfer only remarkable books and for this reason it would later become less and less known to ordinary people. This book is clearly to be seen between the virgin's legs, and this is not happening by chance or mistake.

Yasmine Gold in the Warwick Castle with Winston Churcill

The historically most significant aspect of this beautiful picture is the young Winston Churchill (the man standing in the background), notably taking a good look at the virgin Yasmine's supposedly naked butt, while Yasmine is deep inside the reading of the best book available in the library of the castle, even though she actually found it in the dungeon where she had been metaphysically trapped for over a century. The Victorian lady obviously watches the virgin with different eyes, compatible with her internal secret struggle between a repressed lesbian attitude and her slightly less repressed BDSM instincts - which are delicately and ambiguously reflected in her way of dressing. Comfortably sitting in the armchair, the uncle of modern creationism Charles Darwin, disguised as Edward VII by cutting his Victorian beard, is clearly not masturbating.

Yasmine Gold

Since Virgins typically haven't yet tasted the forbidden fruit, their senses are logically more open, sensible and receptive than those of more experienced humans, because they must best discern between all forbidden fruits willing to tempt their innocence. This explains why Yasmine is instinctively able to find an alternative way to taste her beloved book, with an act that other people would be able to conceive only through lateral thinking.

Yasmine Gold in the Warwick Castle

Tourists usually visit Warwick Castle in England hoping to catch a scene like this one, but most of the time they are not so lucky. Virgins do not often appear in the open courtyard of the castle, and if they do they are not always beautifully naked, and even if they are beautifully naked they don't always wear as their only dress their marvellous most beloved book, which perfectionates their beauty in an exotic and unique way.

Yasmine Gold

Virgin Yasmine visibly tasting her most beloved book in the courtyard of Warwick Castle


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