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The Beloved of My Beloved is an increasingly strange book, erotic and anti-erotic (usually at the same time), politically and culturally satiric, surreal, and also hilarious, at least to people with surreal senses of humour. It is also a very peculiar love story. To misquote Donald Rumsfeld, there's the usual unusual, and there's the unusual usual; but perhaps this book is the unusual unusual. It's quite unusual that people of two different nationalities can write an entire book as though they share the same brain; but that's what has happened.

"The Beloved is symbolic of the desires we vest in consumer capitalism, and may be a definitive metaphor for aims of Western civilisation taken to perverse extremes already inherent in them."

The component tales are illustrations of this, tattooed upon an eroticised tumour the size and shape of a woman's body, and narrated to it as bedtime stories. Stories are set in Romania, Spain, Italy, Japan, the Czech Republic, and in other undefined European countries.

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